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Our Value

If you've never hired a designer, please read on to learn about the value we bring to an interior project. 


When you do not perform certain tasks every day and choose to take on said tasks, be they related to plumbing, surgery, or interior design, you are likely to be pestered by the following questions throughout the process.

  • Do I have a complete vision for executing the task as a whole, as well as all the sub-tasks that make up the end result?

  • Do I know the effect of each sub-task upon one another, and the end result?

  • Do I have a solution for when something goes wrong, or escalates beyond the initial problem?

  • This is taking longer than expected. Do I really have time for this?

  • This is more difficult than expected. Do I really want to do this?

Our Specialty​ Provides Value to You

  • We provide clients with a vision, and a plan to complete it on budget and on time.

  • We understand that foreseeable, and unforeseeable, issues will crop up on every single project (see Murphy's Law). We can't always know what's inside a wall or behind a cabinet, but we do our best to anticipate these issues, as well as use our experience, knowledge, and trusted trades to solve the "I've never seen that in 20 years of..." problems.

  • Being problem solvers means we can seamlessly transition a problem's new solution into the rest of the design. When handled properly, problems don't have to prevent you from having the space of your dreams!

  • We understand the appropriate items and finishes that best suit your home.You wouldn't put Naugahyde in your Mercedes, right? 

  • We handle the annoying, confusing, and terrifying minutiae of your project. You don’t have to lift a finger.

  • We clear up your time lines and your to-do lists so you can move onto living the more important and fulfilling parts of your life.