Remote Design Consultation

Like an incredible first kiss, our Remote Design Consultation is guaranteed to change your perspective, spark dreams, and provoke “what if...” questions.



  • 60 minute Zoom Call Consultation, where we:

    • Look at your space in detail

    • Discus your goals and desires for your space

    • Review your planned investment

    • Determine a realistic timeline

    • Make design recommendations for your space

  • Recording of the Consultation for your records



  1. Book/Questionnaire/Purchase

  2. Confirmation Email with instructions

  3. Share Photos & Measurements

  4. 60-minute Zoom Consultation

  5. Consultation Recording emailed



  1. Can I use this for multiple rooms? This package is for one room/space, and is not for a bathroom or kitchen. 

  2. What if I need more time? You may choose to continue working with us for as little or as much of your project as makes sense.

  3. Can I reschedule my time? You may reschedule more than 24 hours prior to your time. There is a $75 fee to cancel or reschedule within 24 hours.


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