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Design Consultation

Like an incredible first kiss, our design consultation is guaranteed to change your perspective, spark dreams, and provoke “what if...” questions.

During this on-site consultation, we will tour your home, review your project's scope and planned investment, determine goals and timeline, and provide feedback and recommendations to form an action plan. 

90 minutes   |   $300 

Interior & Exterior Paint Selections

A paint color can energize you or calm you, and determines how we experience a room. On the exterior, paint colors wash out 2-3 times. The right color selection and paint placement is crucial! 

During this on-site consultation, we will select paint for your exterior, or make selections for 1-3 interior rooms, or determine style and placement of wood mouldings and wallpaper.

60 minutes   |   $200

Real Estate Staging Consultation

Whether you want us to eventually help with the heavy lifting, or simply tell you what needs to be done to get your home ready to sell, we are here to help you reimagine your home for potential buyers.


During this on-site staging consultation, we provide you with professional, design-focused staging directives and document them on-site for you to execute.

60 minutes  |  $200

Planning a complete kitchen renovation? Please call us to discuss your project: (804) 464-7174.

Comprehensive Interior Design Service

Consultation chemistry can only satisfy you for a time, but a complete, custom, and contented interior is the ultimate goal. 

If you’ve been dreaming of the sparks set off at your initial Design Consultation and are ready to make those design dreams a reality, then our comprehensive interior design services are perfect for busy clients who know their homes can be their havens away from the world. Kind of like that Italian boyfriend from your semester abroad...

We are looking for fun clients who:

  • know a little (or big) renovation can save them from moving.

  • want to truly customize their homes.

  • don't want to lift a finger throughout the process.

  • wish to connect more deeply with others in their homes.

  • are eager to discover how a uniquely designed space can ease daily stresses. 

  • don't wish to spend their precious free time dealing with design logistics.

  • (bonus points) practically purr when sitting in a comfortable chair. We like you already!


Living Room average minimum: $15,000

Design on Demand Packages

Stop agonizing over selecting furnishings, art, and lighting, and leave the curation of a cohesive scheme to us! These packages are the best way for us to achieve your Contented Interior if any of the following statements describe you.

  • I feel comfortable carrying out all the details and logistics of a design package as given to me by my trusted interior designer--purchasing, installation, managing of trades, etc.​

  • I feel excited to execute all of the logistics and details that form my design package.

  • I have enough time to complete my design package in the next 3-4 months.

What you get:

  • 1-hour site visit to establish your needs and measure

  • furnishing, art, and lighting selections unique to you

  • to-scale drawings that show placement​ of everything

  • detailed shopping list for easy purchasing

  • paint colors, wallpaper, and fabric samples

  • 30-minute video package presentation 

Packages begin at $1090

Need help determining a reasonable budget?

Please see our Furnishings Budget Worksheet.

Feeling confused about which service is best for you?

Take our 2 minute quiz to find out.