Comprehensive Interior Design Service

Our Comprehensive Interior Design Services are perfect for busy clients who know their homes can be havens away from the world. If a complete, custom, and contented interior is your ultimate goal and you are ready to make those design dreams a reality, read on to learn more about working with us.

Our Fab Clients

  • Want to truly customize their interiors.

  • Can't spend their precious time or energy dealing with the logistics of an interior transformation.

  • Wish to connect more deeply with others in their homes.

  • Don't have to lift a finger throughout the process.

  • Are eager to discover how a uniquely designed space can ease daily stresses.

  • Know a little (or big) renovation can save them from the hassle and expense of moving, while improving their quality of life.

  • Practically purr when sitting in a truly comfy chair. Comfort and peace await!

A client's role is as easy as using this slider!

Our Comprehensive Service Includes

  • Aesthetic Discovery Exercise

  • Trade Day

  • Execution of Complete Design Scheme

  • Presentation of Design Scheme

  • Purchasing Logistics

  • Off-Site Furnishings Receipt & Storage

  • Renovation Management

  • Turn-Key Installation

  • Tailored-to-You Styling

  • Big Reveal

  • Deficiency Resolution

  • Project Closure + Client Binder

Costs + Questions

  • Is there a room minimum? For new clients, we like to complete one room for you before adding any additionally desired rooms. If you have a living room that needs all new furnishings and light renovation (such as electrical work or wallpaper installation), the minimum planned spend should be $25k, not including fees.

  • What are the associated fees?  We bill using a flat fee structure, customized to each project. Please see this post for more information. Plan for a minimum of $7k in design and project management fees for one room.

  • Do you sell furnishings to clients? Yes, furnishings are one of the ways we keep our woman-owned, small business profitable and better able to serve you. Your benefits from purchasing furnishings through us include:

    • Customization of furnishings so that we maximize your functionality and aesthetic desires

    • Shared designer discounts which offset some of your design fees

    • Supporting a local business

    • Not having to deal with purchasing details, resolve any product deficiencies, nor manage receipt, storage, delivery, or installation of purchases. Go enjoy life!

  • What happens when things go wrong on a project?  For renovation matters (note Murphy's Law),  we communicate with involved trades and contractors so that you don't have to think about unexpected occurrences until there are viable solutions from which to choose. For furnishing logistics, we maximize our vendor relationships to efficiently navigate the backend of shipping, receipt, storage, and installation, so your time can be better used for people, work, and play.

  • How long will a project take? These days, it's hard to know exactly when Amazon packages will arrive, so navigating the world of furnishings made in family owned plants in NC and VA can be tricky. Currently our makers are 10-14 weeks out on larger pieces. Living spaces are taking 3-6 months, depending on how much renovation is involved and other factors with making and shipping. We prioritize purchasing American made items as much as possible.

Ready for a completed and contented interior?

Reserve your consultation today.

During your 90 minutes Comprehensive Consultation​, we will:

  • Look at your space in detail

  • Discuss your goals & desires

  • Review your planned investment

  • Determine a realistic timeline

  • Make design recommendations 

  • Consultation Summary Document with handwritten directives to keep



  1. Book/Questionnaire/Purchase

  2. Confirmation Email

  3. 90-minute On-Site Consultation

  4. Client Proposal Delivered


90 min | $397

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