Comprehensive Interior Design Service

Consultation chemistry can only satisfy you for a time, but a complete, custom, and contented interior is the ultimate goal. If you’ve been dreaming of the sparks set off at your initial Consultation and are ready to make those design dreams a reality, then our Comprehensive Interior Design Services are perfect for busy clients who know their homes can be their havens away from the world. 

Our Fun Clients

  • want to truly customize their interiors.

  • don't want to lift a finger throughout the process.

  • wish to connect more deeply with others in their homes.

  • are eager to discover how a uniquely designed space can ease daily stresses.

  • know a little (or big) renovation can save them from the hassle and expense of moving.

  • don't wish to spend their precious free time dealing with design logistics.

  • (bonus points) practically purr when sitting in a comfy chair. We like you already!


  • Aesthetic Discovery Exercise

  • Trade Day

  • Execution of Complete Design Scheme

  • Presentation of Design Scheme

  • Sharing of Designer Discount

  • Purchasing Logistics

  • Off-Site Furnishings Receipt & Storage

  • Renovation Management

  • Turn-Key Installation

  • Tailored-to-You Styling

  • Big Reveal

  • Deficiency Resolution

The 10-Steps your project will follow.

Not ready?

Planning a new build or kitchen renovation? Please call us to discuss your project: (804) 464-7174.



  1. Is there a room minimum? For new Comprehensive clients, we complete one room for you before adding any additionally desired rooms. If you have an entire house to complete, we can discuss this via Discovery Call

  2. How do you bill clients?  We bill using a flat fee structure, customized to each project. Please see this post for more information.

  3. Do you sell furnishings to clients? Yes, furnishings are one of our revenue streams to keep us in business and ready to serve you. The benefits from purchasing through us include: shared designer discounts which offset some of your design fees, and not having to get purchasing details correct, nor manage receipt, storage, delivery, or installation of purchases.

  4. What happens when things go wrong on a project?  For renovation matters (note Murphy's Law),  we communicate with involved trades and contractors so that you don't have to think about unexpected occurrences until there are viable solutions from which to choose. For furnishing logistics, we maximize our solid vendor relationships to efficiently navigate the backend of shipping, receipt, storage, and installation, so your time can be better used for work/play/people.

  5. How long will a project take? These days (see COVID-19) it's hard to exactly know when Amazon packages will arrive, but under more typical circumstances a single living space will take 3-6 months, depending on how much renovation is involved and from where in the world the furnishings are being made. We prioritize purchasing American made items as much as possible.

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