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Full Service

Interior Design

Full service means we fully handle the design process, ordering details, project communication, and installation logistics inherent when transforming a space. Sit back and allow us to craft a space that reflects you and your needs. 


Our Full Service Design Dictate

1     Consultation | project and financial scope

2     The Fine Print | retainer, agreements, billing, communication

3     Trade Day | gathering on-site measurements, photos, final criteria

4     Execution of the design scheme

5     Presentation of design scheme

6     Purchasing

7     Initiation of construction and renovation, receipt of orders

8     Furniture installation and styling

9     Client reveal and walk through

10   Final invoices and client binder

All Contented Interiors projects begin with The Consultation.

Please call 804-464-7174, or schedule yourself on the below calendar to discuss design services.