Color Wheel + Schemes + Undertones

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    Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Colors

    Check out this image that shows the color wheel and different schemes.

    • Hue: pure “color”
      • example: red
    • Tint: add white to a hue
      • example: baby pink
    • Tone: add gray (white + black) to a hue
      • example: mauve
    • Shade: add black to a hue
      • example: burgundy

    For lots of helpful information about undertones in neutrals (grays, beiges, whites, etc.) check out Maria Killam’s blog Color Me Happy.

    Christine Rericha

    Working on finishing our color scheme for our interior paint colors. You helped us with…
    BM “Chantilly Lace” kitchen cabinets/ trim/ceilings
    BM “Quiet Moments” Kitchen and Family Room walls
    BM “Gray Cashmere” upper hall and stairway
    SW “contented” dining room, library, and lower hall
    Our Master is BM “Nimbus Grey”
    Our guest bedroom is BM “Smoke”

    Final colors to choose are the downstairs hall bath and upstairs master bath and guest bath
    And laundry room.

    Wondering about either BM “gray sky” or BM “grey cloud” for the bathrooms

    Rick was wondering if we could add a tan color paint somewhere in the house color scheme that would play off the color of sand since we have gone with a beach/water based theme for our house.  It said he would like a little more color differences.

    What would you paint the laundry room?

    Will this be too many color choices?

    I will get the color for our carpet choice—we are trying to choose one of the Devon Classic iii caress carpet by Shaw. We have Devon iv on 3rd floor and we love it but the color we have is no longer in production. The carpet will be upstairs and in downstairs family room.

    Rest of house will be luxury vinyl plank with a natural wood look.

    Only now have to choose a quartz for my kitchen countertops that will work   We have looked at some options but want to ensure it’s all cohesive.  Slightly overwhelming and we have just started.


    Hi, Christine! These questions have been answered in this week’s linked community call. I’m also including this video link in the forum post that contains all the recorded call links for your 12-week session. Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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