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The New Home Consultation

Exclusively for Eric Morris Buyers

Get Settled Sooner

  • “What is the best way to arrange my existing furniture in my new home?"

  • "What should be the maximum and minimum dimensions of any furniture I plan to purchase?"

  • "Will this tile choice decrease my home’s value?”

  • “How many paint colors can you use in an open layout?”

  • "Which window treatments are appropriate for my home's architecture?"

Actionable Plans

During the consultation, we utilize our professional expertise and skills to provide you with an actionable plan for your new home.

  1. We tour the specific areas on which to focus—the entire house, if you wish.

  2. We discuss your goals for the home, determine which key pieces of furniture you're concerned about transferring to your new home, and tackle any design questions you have for us.

  3. We leave you with specific solutions, recommendations, and next steps.

Duration: 1 hour

Cost:      $175

Please use the below calendar or call us (804-502-7612) us to schedule your consultation today.