Course + Community

What is involved in the weekly group calls?

The weekly group video calls to help you address specific pain points on which you want feedback and advice from a professional interior designer. You do not have to have completed any of the course material to join the calls. You do not have to be in attendance for these calls to have your questions answered as calls will be recorded. We will strive for 4 calls per month, with exceptions for major holidays…and Lee’s birthday in July.

Is the course only for parents?

Anyone who wishes to take the course may do so. While the course focuses on creating stylish and kid-proof spaces, the design process will easily work for those without children in their homes.

How do I know I'll learn anything?

Because no one else is sharing their step-by-step design process like Lee does in these videos where she is drawing and explaining the design process as she teaches. Lee is focused on teaching people how to design as she does, not just sharing famous decorator quotes paired with inspirational pictures. Ever read a post titled “17 Hacks to Arrange Your Living Room” and feel like you learned nothing? Yeah, us too!

What if I don't have enough time?

With month-to-month access, you can stop and start work on the course as you have time. We have had many women with different situations (woking or not, with children or not) complete the course in as little as 4 weeks, by spending 2 hours a week on it. We’ve had others who like to take more time over a period of months to complete the course contents. You will always be able to get help in our weekly calls, no matter how far you’ve gone in the course.

Will there be other participants in the course?

Anyone who currently has access to our Community will be to join and/or view recordings of our weekly group calls as well as interact in our members-only forum.

Tell me more about the members-only forum.

This login-only portion of the website allows you to post and interact with other course members. Lee will periodically check into the group and respond to posted questions. This group is like your design minded posse.