How to Transform Your Living Room This Fall

by | Aug 3, 2022 | blog, chic kid-proof, Course

Are you one meltdown away from throwing out your kids’ toys just to be able to see the floor?
Or are you more scared of the stained sofa and rug beneath?
You crave a home you want to be in. You want to invite your besties over for a girls night. You need at least one room that can be tidied in under 5 minutes. Good news: it’s all possible!

How to transform your living room this fall

How to transform your living room this fall

The Fall Session of my Chic, Kid-Proof Living Rooms Course + Community is starting on 8/30/2022!

A chic, kid-proof living room eases your stress and carves out moments for enjoying with loved ones. In my 12-week program, I will guide you through every step to take you and your living room from constant stress to total success.

Chic Kid-Proof Living Rooms Course & Community Details

By the end of the 12-week session, you’ll have everything ready to create your custom, dream living room.

  • OVERCOME your embarrassment of having people over.
  • STOP stressing about your kids ruining your furnishings.
  • DETERMINE what your room ​really​ needs.
  • AGREE with your spouse or partner on the design.
  • CREATE a space for connecting with and hosting loved ones.
  • ENSURE your surfaces and decor are child-proof.
  • REALIZE the living room of your dreams.

Learn more and sign up in time to join the fall session by visiting this link.
Have a great day!