What Happens in a Remote Interior Design Consultation?

by | Jun 29, 2022 | blog, Services

Remote Interior Design Consultation

Contented Interiors has been offering remote interior design consultations for years. The ability to use technology to help people both near and far create a plan for changing the narrative of their experience at home is a beautiful thing! At Contented Interiors, we consider a consultation a working meeting. My primary focus during a remote interior design consultation is providing you with expert and actionable advice. If you’ve never experienced one however, you might be wondering about what exactly happens during a remote interior design consultation.

remote interior design consultation

What Happens During a Remote Interior Design Consultation

  1. During the consultation booking process, you get to respond to our questions about what you need and want for your space, as well as provide photos of your space that will help me come to our meeting prepared.
  2. We will meet on a scheduled video conferencing call (AKA Zoom) so I can not only see how the space feels in 3D as you move through it, but also so you can see me and feel comfortable with your new designer friend (me!) as I guide you to a plan to transform your experience at home!
  3. During this Zoom call, I will give professional interior design advice that is specific to your needs and goals. This isn’t a cookie-cutter service for the “average” household with 1.93 kids. Whether you need more functionality, or more storage for a particular collection, or if you want to host your monthly cheese club (or all three), I’ve got you covered!
  4. I will also provide you with the necessary order of steps to achieve a finished and incredible interior. By the end of your call, you’re going to feel calm, clear, and empowered about moving forward.

Frequently Asked Questions for a Remote Interior Design Consultation

  1. My house isn’t yet built. Will a remote consultation work for me? Yes! If you have building plans, then we can review them during this meeting.
  2. I live in an apartment or home where I cannot renovate.Will a remote consultation work for me? Let us know that renovation isn’t an option in your intake form and I’ll show up with my best furnishings and decorating wisdom that doesn’t involve a contractor.
  3. I live in another time zoom, or even outside of the United States, am I able to book a remote consultation? If you speak English, then I can help you no matter where you live. I’ve had remote consultations with people within and beyond the United States!
  4. Can I use the remote consultation for multiple rooms? This service works best for one room. For new builds, we can review layout and more conceptual aspects of the design with the time.
  5. What if I need more time beyond the remote consultation? We have a few options to work with Contented Interiors beyond a remote consultation, but one of them is simply purchasing another remote consultation.
  6. What happens if I need to reschedule my remote consultation? As long as you provide us with 24 hours notice, complimentary rescheduling isn’t a problem.
  7. Can I gift a remote consultation for someone else? Absolutely! Here are the instructions.

How to Book a Remote Interior Design Consultation

  1. Visit our Strategic Design Consultation booking page.
  2. Click on the link for Remote Service.
  3. Complete the intake questions and provide payment.
  4. Await your confirmation email.
  5. It can only get better from here! Sit back and prepare to be relieved of all the stress surrounding your home.

Schedule your Remote Interior Design Consultation today!

If you have another question we’ve forgotten, please email us (hello@contentedinteriors.com) and we’ll be happy to answer it. I can’t wait to see you pop up on our client calendar! Take care, Lee.