The Best Room Order for Designing a Home

by | Jun 15, 2022 | blog

What is the best room order for designing and decorating a home? It’s going to depend on your life circumstances, but here are my opinions for people with kids at home!

Best Order for Designing and Decorating a Home for People with Kids

1st | Primary Bedroom: As parents who give up so much of your time taking care of kids and driving them around and cleaning up after them, you need a sacred place in your home that is just for you. Making your bedroom a fabulous and organized retreat, free of kiddie toys and clutter, means that you’ll have an environment  that will set yourself up each morning for the most success. Additionally, you’ll have a soothing space in which to properly unwind after long days of doing so much for others. Designing and decorating your primary bedroom first is like putting on your air mask on an airplane when the cabin pressure drops. If you help yourself first, you’re better able to help those around you!

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Which room do I decorate first?

2nd | Living Room: Your living room has the potential to function as party spot, game room, book club space, cocktail lounge, and more! Yeah its day job is to hold all the toys and be the primary TV watching area in your home, but when it also gets its chance to entertain you and your adult friends, your living room becomes a very important space indeed. Did you know that social interaction produces dopamine, which makes us happy, more resilient to stress and even pain? Parents need to socialize and doing so in your home is one of the easiest ways to make it happen, as it doesn’t require a sitter, picking out an outfit, or parallel parking. Put some effort into your living room now for major pay offs in your mental health and ultimately, your parenting! Psst, did you know we have a monthly membership that teaches you my step-by-step interior design process and comes with weekly live calls with me? Check it out here.

3rd | Kitchen: how many times a day do you open a drawer or door in your kitchen? It’s a lot! Kitchens are certainly the hardest working rooms of the home, but the reason I don’t feel they should come first in the design priority list is that when you have kids at home, you can literally pour all of your money into your kitchen right off the bat and then literally spend all of your time in the kitchen–which, even if the kitchen is gorgeous and functional, is still keeping yourself stuck doing work for others all of the time. Serving others has a lot of benefits, but if you’re not serving yourself, you will burn out! Another reason the kitchen isn’t first on my priority list is because you need a chance to know exactly how you want the kitchen to function in this house. Oftentimes this discovery process takes a few months. So, give yourself a little time to enjoy waking up a beautiful, clutter free bedroom and some time to enjoy having people to your house before you spend all of your money on your kitchen!

Of course these are only my opinions! What do you think? Where did you start or do you want to start in designing your home? Leave a comment below! If you have a special circumstance that is leaving you feeling bewildered about all of it, let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading.