Are You a Reluctant Hostess?

by | May 31, 2022 | blog, chic kid-proof, Course


Photo by Khand Tenney.

Are you a reluctant hostess?

My first blog post on was titled Are You Scared to Have Someone to Your House? Since that post we have experienced the global COVD-19 pandemic…which of course resulted in most people being quite scared of having people over for the sake of their health. While I’m not asking anyone who is still nervous for unique health reasons to host people in their homes, I feel I must address my initial question in this post-pandemic world. For many of us who did not host people for months or possibly years during the pandemic are now more out of practice with it, and possibly more fearful of it, than ever.

With it being again safe for the average person to meet up together in person, you are likely craving socialization and probably having it—in restaurants, in-person work, girls nights out, by vacationing with relatives, attending kids’ sporting events and church, and so on. But are you socializing in your home yet? 

There was something bonding about the pandemic—we were all stuck (physically, emotionally, logistically—as we waited for furniture to be delivered). At least half of the news articles were about the pandemic and death tolls…and social media posts too. We were all thinking about the same things. We didn’t seem care about our outfits or our worldly possessions as much as we cared about our friends and families from afar. With the return of [more] normalcy, it seems we are quickly leaving that period behind; which is mostly good! I’m happy to be done with the worrying and the not seeing people. But there is also an expectation that life should be 100% normal again, specifically that our houses should have all received some major transformation during those two years. This is far different than The Reluctant Hostess of the1950s. Back in creeps the fear of being judged for our homes when people come to them…and that is what I do not like about the end of the COVID-19 pandemic era.

Why does socializing in our homes matter?

“Who cares about socializing at home“, you might question. I won’t repeat all of the reasons why socializing in your home and in others’ homes is a key means of increasing happiness, but trust me you should seriously consider socializing in your home.
The concept of hosting people in your home no matter what it looks like may seem contradictory coming from someone whose profession it is to make homes look and function better. “Do environments matter or not, Lee?” Environments completely matter because the way they look and function does affect our moods and behavior, but people ultimately care more about how they feel around you than what your house looks like. Further, waiting for your home to be perfect means you’ll never enjoy the benefit of hosting people now, because spoiler: perfection doesn’t exist.

What is the sweet spot between hosting to be happier and interior design?

My thought is to invite the people now/soon/this weekend and use the data from your hosting to help you decide what kind of tweaks your environment needs to make the future gatherings even better/more relaxing/more fun. This idea is a huge reason why I created my interior design Course + Community—to help anyone, regardless of budget or living situation, to shape their environment so they can feel at ease at home and when others are coming over.

Learn directly from a leading interior designer, [me] Lee Harmon Waters, in an online Course & Community

  • OVERCOME your embarrassment of having people over
  • STOP stressing about your kids ruining your furnishings
  • DETERMINE what your rooms ​really​ need
  • AGREE with your spouse or partner on the design
  • CREATE a space for connecting with and hosting loved ones
  • ENSURE your surfaces and decor are child-proof
  • REALIZE the interiors of your dreams

What to expect in our Design Course & Community

  • COURSE DURATION: Step-by-step video content
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