Revamp Your Living Room with Only One Piece of Furniture

by | Feb 9, 2022 | blog, chic kid-proof

I am so excited to show you a DRAMATIC before and after that only involved buying one piece of furniture…and a layout change.

Here are the before images. Starting from the left side of the room, you’ll notice two chairs that look across the room toward the sofa and the yard beyond. The chairs were functional and in good shape and were going to be kept. The client also wanted to keep the existing wall color, rug, lighting, and case-goods (end tables, book case, unseen TV console, etc), but wanted to improve the feel and functionality of the room.

  No one could see the TV (unseen, but mounted over a console piece shown in the bottom right hand corner of the third photo) super easily and there was no real focal point, which meant socializing in the space was less likely to happen. Everything felt a little dark as well.

The Plan

My plan was to simply switch the layout and add in a slightly shorter sofa (the old sofa was just one stroke of gray too many for a naturally low-lit room). In the new layout, you’ll notice the [never used] fireplace is covered, but it still becomes a focal point with the sofa and art layered with it. The spacing between the fireplace and sofa allows plenty of room for kids to walk (or run) in that area–and a lot of fun for hide and seek! The biggest change with the new layout is that the sofa now faces the TV AND the two chairs that are laid out at an angle. When there’s a sports game on, Dad can simply swivel his leather chair to face the TV. With the defined focal point of the fireplace wall, socializing is much more likely to naturally occur in the space. Finally, removing the dark gray sofa from where it had been blocking the light, allows more sunshine to enter the space. WIN-WIN-WIN for the cost of a new sofa and art!

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Design and Photo: Contented Interiors

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Design and Photo: Contented Interiors.

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Design and Photo: Contented Interiors.

Ready to LOVE Your Living Room?

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