The Perfect Sofa for RVA Families

by | Sep 15, 2021 | blog, chic kid-proof

The perfect sofa for RVA families is:

  • Built to last
  • Engineered for adult comfort (these aging rear ends need high end suspension and decadent filling)
  • Covered in performance fabrics.

The perfect sofa for RVA families is also one that is hard to dismantle by children and easy to put back together. Can you see what I mean by looking at the below sofa which we are currently customizing for a client? Please note that it has ONE bench seat cushion and the back cushion is a tight to the frame. There are also only two large scale pillows. Here’s why it’s ideal for families.

  • High quality sofas aren’t stress-inducers when the kids jump on them–which they will. Just flip any loose cushions, and vacuum the entire piece to keep dirt from wearing the fabric down, at least once a month (weekly is preferred), and you’ll be loving that sofa for decades (recovering is going to be worth it when the time comes!).
  • The larger seat cushion keeps kids from being able to easily pull it off the sofa when they try to create an entire room fort.
  • The back cushion cannot be removed at all!
  • The larger pillows mean less to pick up off the floor, while the scale of them makes a distinct statement and supports a variety of sized people.
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Sofa is by Hallman Furniture.