What’s in the Chic, Kid-Proof Living Rooms course?

by | May 26, 2021 | chic kid-proof

online interior design course

Step-by-step, on-demand, video course + workbook + members-only forum.

I know exactly what it’s like as a mother to want a space that reflects me and my husband’s goals and tastes in life. Additionally, I need a space that won’t injure my kids, or be damaged by them. Through my own experience, and now my mother’s experience as a grandmother to my kids, as well as the experiences of some of my clients, I completely understand how long many moms and grandmothers have waited to have a space that reflects them–a space they LOVE!

My Chic, Kid-Proof Living Rooms course is all about combining function with beauty, so that you can design a living room space just like an interior designer would–just like I would! Over the 8 hours of recorded course content, we cover:

  • Figuring out what’s not working in your space.
  • Defining your style goals.
  • Furnishing planning to seat everybody, store everything, and have enough lighting.
  • Defining what makes a space chic.
  • Drafting your space to avoid making purchasing mistakes.
  • Understanding scale so you ensure the furniture in the room isn’t too big or small.
  • Kid-proofing strategies that protect your furniture and protect your kids. Whether talking about layout or performance materials, kids are always at the core of the content.
  • Working with existing furnishings, if buying all new furniture isn’t a possibility.
  • Creating focal points to provide moments of beauty and order.
  • Determining and meeting the needs of the space, to create an interior that not only looks beautiful, but allows you to have enough storage and enjoy your favorite activities.
  • Stylish storage solutions to store toys without sacrificing style.
  • The best performance fabrics and rug fibers, and where to buy them.
  • The tips and tricks that I use when designing Chic, Kid-Proof interiors.
  • My authentic answers to the real-life questions from the beta-round course participants.
By the end of the course’s 5 modules and bonus content, you’ll have:
+ a customized furnishings plan that incorporates pieces you already own and new pieces as well
+ a 3D visualization of your space so you know how the space will look and feel
+ a shopping list with sizes of the room’s furnishings
+ material samples

+ all of my favorite double duty furnishings

+ the kid-proofing tips and tricks I use with my design clients
+ an understanding of the 4 core types of performance fabrics and various rug materials
+ a style direction for your room that both you and your spouse agree on!
…and all of that for a fraction of the cost of buying the wrong sized sofa. I can’t forget to mention a huge course bonus and that is your access to me in our members-only forum. If you do need more hand holding, you can also add on a one-on-one remote consultation with me to further fine tune your design.
By the end of the course, you’re going to stop worrying so much about your kids ruining your furnishings or being hurt by them. You’re going to feel confident because your furniture will be appropriately scaled for your room. You’re going to feel excited to have others to your house. You’re going to have repeated moments of joy when you look at your beautiful space each time you walk in. You’re going to have a chic, kid-proof living room!
If you’re ready for the living room of your dreams, sign up here and I’ll see you in class!