How Do Flat Fee Interior Design Projects Work?

by | Jan 12, 2021 | blog

This is an updated post regarding our contemporary flat fee structure for our Comprehensive Interior Design Projects. Full home designs, as well as kitchen and bathroom projects are still billed hourly.

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Lee Harmon Waters, owner of Contented Interiors. Photography by Khand Tenney.

Our 10-step DESIGN DICTATE is Your Roadmap to a Contented Interior

  1. Design Consultation
    – At the end of your Consultation, a customized Design Fee and Project Retainer will be generated for you.
    – The Design Fee covers our work generating and customizing your Design Scheme, to be presented to you at the Design Presentation (step 5).
  2. Sign Paperwork to Launch Project
    The customized Design Fee and Project Retainer are due to initiate your project.
    – You and any other project decision makers are each given unique, individualized aesthetic exercises to complete. These exercises help us determine your individual styles and the critical overlap of tastes to help us design a space that everyone loves.
  3. Trade Day
    – Handled for you.
    – Our trusted and insured A-Team of Trades comes to the site to gather the necessary measurements for any renovation work.
  4. Design Scheme execution
    – Handled for you.
    – Based on your desires, needs and aesthetic preferences, we source all furnishings and design all spatial elements over the course of 3-6 weeks depending on the size and scope of your project.
  5. Design Presentation 
    – The furnishings and design scheme elements within your project’s scope.
    – The quoted costs of said furnishings, design elements, and associated renovation labor.
    – The Management Fee, which covers our professional coordination and execution of everything associated with your design project: ordering, receiving, renovation, installation and styling.
    – The Project Retainer, which allows us to take care of freight and receiving and storage fees throughout your project.
    The Management Fee, Furnishings Deposit, and Project Retainer are all due at this time.
  6. Purchasing
    – Handled for you.
  7. Renovation Management
    – We prefer to use our A-team of contractors and trades to ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible.
    – We communicate with all involved professionals to ensure your custom design is accurately and beautifully brought to life.
    – The remaining balances on any renovation labor are due two weeks prior to your installation date.
  8. Receiving
    – We continue to  manage renovation issues, track all purchases, and deal with any product deficiencies.
    – Furnishings are stored in climate controlled warehouse until it’s time to install.
    – Any shipping and receiving fees are deducted from your Project Retainer.
  9. Installation & Styling
    – The artwork, the window treatments, the furniture…all of it.
  10. Client Reveal
    – Prepare to be amazed by your turn-key interior! It’s ready for living!
    – We will continue to resolve any lingering deficiencies.
    – Any remaining Project Retainer will be returned to you.
    – We will present you with a Client Binder, containing furnishings and materials care information, as well as insurance-relevant project documentation.