Why Good Sofas are Expensive

by | May 4, 2020 | blog

why are sofas so expensive?

Do you own a sofa?
Of course you do–you’re not an animal!

Whether or not you’re happy with the price paid for and quality of your sofa, at the time of purchase I bet you felt like you paid a lot for it.

It turns out that people don’t like spending on furniture–unless they’re me, ha!! So when folks begin to realize that sofas cost at least $1k and even those priced over $2000 aren’t always “good” quality, it can be a darned difficult thing to hear!

The fact is: GOOD SOFAS ARE EXPENSIVE. Unless you’re getting one used, buying the floor sample, or you have rich friends that gift you a sofa as a house warming gift… Oh, you don’t have those friends either? We can be each other’s friends. <3

However, there seems to be this myth floating around the internet that says furnishings companies and designers want to screw you over to profit on their over-priced sofas, when you can actually buy their sofa that is super luxe and on-trend, and bonus: prices begin at $800!!!!

As marketing gets easier thanks to technology, many companies make you think you’re buying a luxury product for a slightly out of reach price, but the reality is often that you’ve bought a low-grade piece of furniture only a step above the offerings of a Swedish company that rhymes with “TIKEA”. Conversely, and worse still, a high price point doesn’t also mean something is high quality–I’m looking at you, company-that-is-the-reverse-of-“HR”.

Often first-time clients come to us without a real idea of what furniture and design services really costs. They’ve bought the beautiful house (similar to a dinner at a fancy restaurant) only to realize they’re unprepared to properly furnish it (think of the shock as you calculate the 20% tip at the aforementioned restaurant).

Safe and sturdy materials ($$$) + made by properly trained humans ($$$) = quality sofas that you only buy 1-3 times over your lifetime ($$$).

Sadly, clients have often wasted more money on cheaper repeat sofa purchases before we let them know there is a better way.

Here’s what to look for in a good sofa.

Our mantra is: buy the best you can afford for the things you will use daily. It can be shocking initially to see the true cost of quality furnishings, but the comfort, functionality, and lasting nature of such quality will reward you for years, and even decades, to come. Bonus: not having to buy a new sofa every 5 years.

We source first and foremost from the US and strive for ethically made products, priced at a fair value, so our clients know they can feel excellent about their Contented Interior purchases…both in terms of their wallets and their backsides (remember: high quality sofa = happy rear ends and backs).