12 Reasons Every 50+ Woman Deserves an Interior Designer

by | Mar 15, 2020 | blog

No matter their path through life, mature women know firsthand what it is to put others’ needs before their own. If you’re over 50, you’ve probably served in the following roles: the decision maker, the chauffeur, the referee, the cook, the errand runner, the cleaner, the tutor, the bill payer, the parent, the supportive friend, the employee, the patient partner, the volunteer, the moral compass, the listening ear, the nurse, the organizer, the encyclopedia, the budgeter, the caregiver, the dog walker, the dry cleaner picker-upper, and more!

Despite all these jobs and roles, women statistically delegate less than men, so hiring out services which they could theoretically do themselves is often a trigger of guilt. Simply put: women are stressed out from doing it all, and burning out fast! The older they are, the more likely women are to have higher stress levels. Scarier still is that such stress in middle aged women has been linked to cognitive decline, with 1 in 6 women getting Alzheimers, compared with 1 in 11 men.

The set of Nancy Meyers’s film “Home Again”.

Some of you might enjoy pulling together a beautiful space, might even be excellent at it, and better yet, have ample time to do it. Fantastic! This post is not for you.

Today I’m speaking to the women who have precious little mental space, physical energy, or available time to really design their spaces the way they want them. If this describes you, I am are here for you as an educated and experienced interior design professional, ready to transform your interior without you having to lift a finger.

12 Reasons Every 50+ Woman Deserves an Interior Designer

  1. To have the space completed efficiently without costly mistakes.
  2. To benefit from shared trade discounts on quality furnishings.
  3. To know all the details will be handled (by someone else).
  4. To delegating a work load that prevents her from more enjoyable or necessary tasks.
  5. To not spend her free time studying interior design.
  6. To clear her to-do list.
  7. To be served in a way that brings her joy and peace.
  8. To prevent more stress and protect her brain health.
  9. To not have to work on a design project on the weekend or after a regular workday.
  10. To spend more time with loved ones.
  11. To calm her mind.
  12. To have a beautiful room that brings her happiness and rejuvenates her spirit.

Bedroom design by Contented Interiors, photographed by Lindsay Salazar.

Some common reasons people might be worried to call:

How will a designer know what I like? We work heavily at the beginning of the design process to make sure we’re on the same aesthetic page before we begin sourcing anything. It’s important to know how you want the space to function, feel, and look. Be honest with us and we’ll give you the room that will make your heart sing. Our clients have wonderful things to say about their finished spaces.

How much will it cost? It’s going to depend on how much furniture needs to be renovated and purchased vs. what can be recovered or repurposed, and the level of quality you want. Start with free! We start first with a Discovery Call, and next move to an on-site design consultation where we initiate a plan. From there, you only commit if the plan is right for you. If you need more time to financially plan, you still keep your customized implementable consultation feedback.SCOPEHow many rooms do we have to do? We start with one room. When you’re thrilled with that space, we can move forward to as many areas of the home as you’d like.

Ask yourself…
What would your daily attitude be like if you had a living room where you freely invited friends or family so that you consistently had laugher and fond memories in your own home?

What would your stress levels be like if you had an entry or office where everything was organized and stored in a beautiful way so that your mind didn’t have to visually process every filing box and coat on a peg?

What would your energy be like if you had a bedroom that brought you calm and restoration, because of the intention that went into its layout, colors, textures, and lighting?

If you’re still wondering what it would be like…give us a call.