Beauty is important,
but today’s living spaces must
also be functional, comfortable,
and invite connection!

– Lee Harmon Waters, Owner

Can you imagine a dining room that operates as a homeschool room by day and a chic dinner party space by night (with nary a unicorn pencil case in sight)?

We can make that happen!

We create rooms that work and spaces that make sense, while bringing you the peace of beautiful surroundings so that you can have that movie night with the family, birthday party with the neighbors, and karaoke time with friends– and still take care of you.

Let’s Design the Home of Your Dreams

Do you want to handle the project on your own or turn it over to professionals? Either way, we start all clients off with a 90-minute consultation to provide them with customized, actionable directives to kickstart their projects.

90 Minute Design Session

Whether on-site or remote, this the perfect session for those who have the time or desire to handle their project details. ​This is not some quick meet-and-greet. It’s a serious(-ly enjoyable), working block of time dedicated to providing you with informed ideas from which to launch your interior design project.


Turn-Key Design Services

If energy and time are your most precious resources, then feel free to turn over all the design logistics and heavy lifting to us. Our Comprehensive Interior Design Service is going to turn your home-related anxiety into freed-up time, cleared to-do lists, and peace of mind.

Comprehensive interior
design services

Looking for something else?

Please set up a Discovery Call
to share your goals and needs with us.

We bring contentment to the door’s-always-open set by designing irresistible living spaces that invite, simplify, comfort, encourage, and inspire.

Contented Interiors serves quality-obsessed home owners in the greater Richmond Virginia area (RVA). Our signature Comprehensive Interior Design Service follows our 10-step Design Dictate, meaning you get our complete attention as we handle every project detail in an organized procedure.

What to expect with:

This is probably the best investment I have ever made. My blood pressure drops instantly when I walk into my (newly furnished) house from work.

Zach, Henrico, VA

Rare is the day that [we] do not mention to each other how much we enjoy our new home! You took your highly developed sense of style and skills with [furnishings and architecture] and combined it so wonderfully with the styles and look we were hoping for. And when you add your professionalism and the positive and proactive way you handled those normal, expected challenges, we are not just happy with the final product, but also the experience of working with you on this.

We are truly contended!

Mike, Midlothian, VA

Lee is a talented designer. She is professional and prompt. She transformed the rooms of our home into peaceful, comfortable, coordinated havens – with great accents and color choices. Lee always stayed within the budget and time-frame boundaries we wanted. She hired great contractors. Lee is a consistent, talented, organized professional and is a joy to work with!


When Lee came into my home it was in a chaotic and unhappy state. She understands color and light like no one else I’ve met and help me understand how I respond to both. After several months of patiently working with me through a difficult renovation I am thrilled with the results.I feel at peace and love my new space!


All I can say is WOW! Although I knew all the selections, it was jaw dropping to see it all put together. It was a long road to get here, but to see the finished product it was well worth it and exceeded my expectations. My family came over later last night and was blown away.Thank you again for a job well done!


I can’t recommend the Chic, Kid-Proof course enough! Lee IS NOT your average instagram amateur providing surface-level decorating tips; I consider myself a competent decorator already but was REPEATEDLY IMPRESSED at all the new things I was learning from her educated, professional knowledge of design that made a shocking difference when applied! This course is already a great price, but an especially good value considering the concepts can be applied to multiple rooms in your home. If you prefer DIY, this is the best use of your money.


Avoid the top 5 mistakes people make when designing a living room for kids with this FREE resource.