Beauty is important, but today's living spaces must also be functional, comfortable, and invite connection!

Lee Harmon Waters, Owner

Can you imagine a dining room that

operates as a homeschool room by day and a chic dinner party space by night (with nary a unicorn pencil case in sight)?

We can make that happen! We create rooms that work and spaces that make sense, while bringing you the peace of beautiful surroundings so that you can have that movie night with the family, birthday party with the neighbors, and karaoke time with friends– and still take care of you.  About Us.


We bring contentment to the door's-always-open set by designing irresistible living spaces that invite,  simplify, comfort, encourage, and inspire.

Contented Interiors serves quality-obsessed home owners in the greater Richmond Virginia area (RVA).  Our signature Comprehensive Interior Design Service follows our 10-step Design Dictate, meaning you get our complete attention as we  handle every project detail in an organized procedure.


Start here...

Do you want to handle the project on your own or turn it over to professionals? Either way, we start all clients off with a 90-minute consultation to provide them with customized, actionable directives to kickstart their projects.


Our Strategic Design Consultation (on-site or remote) is the perfect session for those who have the time or desire to handle their project details. This is not some 30 minute meet-and-greet. It's a serious(-ly enjoyable), working block of time dedicated to providing you with informed ideas from which to launch your interior design project. 


If energy and time are your most precious resources, then feel free to turn over all the design logistics and heavy lifting to us. Our Comprehensive Interior Design Service is going to turn your home-related anxiety into freed up time, cleared to-do lists, and peace of mind.

Looking for something else? Please set up a Discovery Call to share your goals and needs with us.

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